Monday, 4 June 2012

Reading NFC Enabled Outdoor Advertising Trials Results.

Back in March 2012 JCDecaux, Kinetic and Zappit teamed up to trial near field communication technology in the city of Reading, UK.

JCDecaux is the largest out-of-home advertising company in Europe, Kinetic is the world's largest planner and buyer of out-of-home media and Zappit is a provider of QR codes, NFC and mobile payment technology.

Reading was chosen because David McEvoy marketing director of JCDecaux said "our research shows us that Reading is one of the most tech-savvy towns in the UK with a higher number of mobile phone and smartphone owners than the rest of the country.

There were 12 advertising partners across various industries H&M, Vaseline, ITV2, EA Games, Lynx, Magnum, lucozade Sport, Morrisons, Mercedes, Toni & Guy, Universal DVD and Universal Special Projects.

Reading NFC Trials
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Posters were positioned at 6 sites which included the Oracle shopping mall and bus stops across the town, more than 3,000 people scanned the posters getting access to content such as mobile discounts, video trailers and competition entry. 78% were overwhelmingly positive about their experience and ease of use was a big factor in it's success over the 4 week trial period.

Download conversion rates for video content stood at 28%, rising to 49% when the content was new or previously unseen. Vouchers attracted new customers and performed better when the NFC site was situated nearer the advertisers store. Redemption rates rose from 7% to 18% across the 4 week period.

Research found that 87% of people with NFC enabled phones are likely to repeat the experience whilst 80% of non-NFC enabled phone users would like to use the technology in the future.

Richard Brooke, Communications Buying Manager at Unilever said:

"As one of the UK's largest advertisers it's important that we continually explore the emerging digital world to get a glimpse into the future of marketing - and even play our part in shaping it. The Reading trial gave us the perfect opportunity to experience this way of opening conversations with our consumers through four of our brands - Vaseline, Toni & Guy and Magnum - and we're pleased that the results proved to be so positive. The four-week trial showed that we can successfully combine the out-of-home channel with mobile technology to create a richer and deeper engagement with our consumers."

Have you used NFC technology before, if so how was your experience and would you use it again? I'd love to hear some of your comments below.