Thursday, 19 April 2012

What a novel use of QR codes.

We are seeing more and more uses for QR codes coming about, since they are becoming more popular and are almost seen on a daily basis, on the TV, in newspapers, magazines and on-line. I came across this article that had been shared on LinkedIn about the Catalan Government Railway, who have put up posters advertising the first chapter of a book for free by scanning a QR code.

Spanish Book QR code

This was aimed to help improve literacy by the National Reading Plan. 

It's a great idea, usually when you embark on a train journey, you want something to occupy your time a little during the journey. So what better way to relax a little and read the first chapter of a book and if you like it, you can buy it through your smartphone and get lost in the rest of the book while the world whizzes by.

What other great uses of QR codes have you seen out there? i would love to hear about them. Tell me in the comments below :)