Friday, 5 April 2013

LinkedIn launches the mention feature.

LinkedIn announced yesterday on the company blog that it will be releasing a new feature similar to that of Facebook's tag a friend or company page. So far i don't have the feature enabled but LinkedIn's new "mentions" feature was beginning to roll out to all English speaking members as of yesterday, with a gradual roll out globally thereafter.

When you write a status update and want to include one of your connections in the post, start typing the first few letters of their name and LinkedIn will auto suggest those with the same name from your first degree connections only. It also has real time benefits because once you mention a connection they are instantly notified of the mention.

Even though you can only mention first degree connections in a status update post, you can mention other members. But only if they are engaged in a conversation in the comments section of a public post on the LinkedIn homepage that you wish to comment on.

It's a feature that has been a longtime coming. Twitter started the trend a few years back by using the @ symbol before the name, then Facebook followed suit some years after. LinkedIn believes that by using mentions in your status updates or comments, it will help you start up a conversation with your network.

View the slideshow from LinkedIn below.

Start a Conversation with Mentions on LinkedIn from LinkedIn

Do you see this as becoming a popular feature on LinkedIn? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.