Wednesday, 20 June 2012

PayPal reveals it's POS app for in-store retailers.

PayPal has started to ramp up it's mobile payments again. This time PayPal released it's point of sale (POS) app to bricks and mortar retailers last month called PayPal In-store. Partnering with the retailer Aurora Fashions stores first, and with technology partners BT Expedite who are the retail solutions division of BT and Eagle Eye Solutions a world leader in mobile coupons and vouchers.

The technical solutions that provide the interface between Paypal and the retailer was developed by Eagle Eye solutions, this also included the payment authentication platform and apps.

Cameron McLean the managing director for PayPal Uk says "The PayPal In-store app marked the start of a quiet revolution in the way we shop on the high street, and Eagle Eye Solutions and BT Expedite helped us move very quickly to enable retailers to take mobile payments in-store, without the need to rip out and replace their existing POS systems.

PayPal In-store can also be accepted by any other BT Expedite retailers that are running the 6.X POS system.

PayPal have released this video below demonstrating how easy it is to use the new PayPal In-store app:

PayPal PoS Trade Show Final Cut from Newspepper on Vimeo.

The mobile payments industry is getting quite bloated with all the competition, PayPal, Square, Intuit, and many many more. Do you think that there will be one that will conquer all or do you think that the market is big enough for them all? Tell me your thoughts below.